men’s belt buckle style templates

Men’s Belt Buckle Style Templates Found Today

While many who wear them are well aware that custom belt buckles provide aesthetic advantages that can’t be matched by more traditional styles, there’s a lesser-known benefit here as well: Versatility. Custom belt buckles are available in several different style templates, serving different needs or desires in both the practical and aesthetic realms simultaneously.

At A Cut Above Buckles, we’re happy to provide a huge range of custom belt buckles, from our Signature Series designed specifically for rodeo or equestrian events through three-piece buckles and numerous other options, meeting every practical and stylistic need you may have. What are a few of these different styles you might consider for your belt buckle? Here’s a primer.

Plate Style

Originally popularized by military belts and related items, the plate style belt buckle is one that’s ideal for those customizing a specific design onto their buckle. They’re very easy to design, with nearly limitless possibilities for color and design schemes, whether your tastes lie in the realm of pop culture, sports teams or classic western.

They’re also detachable, making them ideal for switching up looks if needed. They’re often worn in casual settings, but can also be utilized for rodeos, equestrian and other events.

Frame Style

For more formal, traditional belts, frame-style buckles are the most popular option. Easily customizable as well, this style buckle comes with a detachable center drape, allowing for greater design possibilities on the foil of your choice. They’re also highly durable and resistant to scratches or other damage from daily use, making them perfect for various riding events if you choose to go this route.

Frame style belt buckles tend to be square or D-shaped, but can also be round in some cases.

Box Frame

The style that many of our custom belt buckles come in is the box frame alignment, which involves a larger design up front and a strap that presses against the inside. This belt type does not require holes, and fits right inside the hollow box that contains the outward design. For the largest and most prominent custom belt buckle designs, the box frame is typically the way to go.

O-Ring and D-Ring

These styles refer to belt buckles where the belt is fastened by threading it through the buckle. These options often can’t be customized quite as much, but they’re extremely durable and long-lasting. They also tend to be more traditional in overall design, especially when it comes to classic western belts.

For more on the general belt buckle style templates out there, or to learn about any of our custom Western or rodeo belt buckles, speak to the staff at A Cut Above Buckles today.