Custom Rodeo Buckles

A Cut Above Buckles is the custom belt buckle maker that rodeo organizers rely on for the best and most coveted awards. Whether you organize rodeos in Texas, Utah, Colorado, California, Arizona or anywhere out West, our custom belt buckles are the awards you want participants competing for.

We have been crafting our custom rodeo belt buckles for more than 20 years, and in that time, we have built a reputation as a reliable custom belt buckle maker with top silversmiths who create handsome, handcrafted custom trophy buckles. Our designers have motifs for every rodeo event from saddle bronc to reining, we also have figures for every show animal. If you have a unique event we can always create a figure just for you!

Championship Rodeo Belt Buckles

As attractive as tooled leather rodeo awards are, they can’t really compare to the strength and durability of a championship rodeo belt buckle. Our silversmiths use a combination of precious and nonprecious metals to craft our custom belt buckles for rodeos in Utah, Texas and throughout the West.

Whether your award winners have a single rodeo trophy buckle or dozens, they will cherish a championship rodeo belt buckle from A Cut Above Buckles. We have a reputation in the industry for fine, quality craftsmanship, superior customer service and a deep understanding not just of silversmithing but the sport of rodeo.

In fact, our founder, Andy Andrews, was born and raised in New Mexico and competed as a bull rider in the PRCA. Retired from competition today, Andrews is thrilled to be able to keep his love of rodeo alive with his successful business of making custom trophy buckle. When he isn’t busy working you can usually find him team roping with his buddies.

Modern Custom Rodeo Belt Buckles

Many aspects of rodeo have steadfastly remained the same, while others have changed — for the good. Today, women and children are allowed to compete in rodeo, opening up this beloved sport to more participants. We create special custom-made belt buckles for female rodeo event winners and winners of children’s events. In addition, we keep in mind the evolving styles and tastes of rodeo competitors and enthusiasts, so our newest designs quickly become best sellers on the rodeo circuit.

The beauty of evolving designs for championship rodeo belt buckles is that it gives the buckles their heirloom quality. Over time, the custom belt buckle becomes an antique, making it all the more valuable to future generations.

Take a look at our full selection of rodeo belt buckles, all available for complete customization with your organization’s name, the event’s name and even the name of the winner, if you so choose.


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