Cowboy Rodeo Equipment: Belt Buckle, Hat, Chaps, Vest

November 9, 2021

Today's modern rodeo cowboy needs the right equipment for both practical use and showcasing their style, and at A Cut Above Buckles, we're here to help in one major area: Belt buckles. Our wide selection of custom rodeo trophy buckles and other belt buckles is ideal for any and all rodeo cowboy needs, and we've helped numerous clients outfit themselves both safely and in-style.

The belt buckle is just one of several pieces of rodeo equipment that play both practical and aesthetic roles for cowboys and cowgirls, and we're here to assist you with your entire setup for any rodeo event. This multi-part blog series will go over a number of important equipment pieces specific to roughstock rodeo events like bull riding, saddle bronc riding and bareback riding, ensuring you're completely set up for your next event.

Helmet or Cowboy Hat

One of the most visible and well-known pieces of rodeo k is the cowboy hat, and this is a practical and aesthetic piece of equipment that you'll need to use throughout your rodeo career. Depending on the type of event, cowboys will utilize a different style of helmet or cowboy hat - for example, those competing in saddle bronc riding might have a harness holding their cowboy hats in place as they ride horseback.

In other cases, cowboys will wear a helmet for certain events - bareback riders and bull riders opt for helmets due to the dangerous nature of their respective events.


For these kinds of roughstock events, chaps are used to protect the rider's legs. Chaps are made out of leather or wool, depending on the preference of each individual cowboy, and are designed to help protect against injuries during the event.

Chaps come in many different styles - some have fringe while others are plain, made from various materials and with particular decorative elements that represent a certain rodeo association. These personal touches make chaps more than just equipment - they represent a cowboy's identity and spirit.


Especially in bull riding, but also sometimes in bronc riding and other events, you'll see contestants wearing vests to help protect their chests from injury. Just like chaps, vests can have a variety of configurations and designs that represent the cowboy's personal style.

Belt Buckle

While some may not realize it, cowboy belt buckles play both a practical and stylistic role for rodeo cowboys. A strong, durable belt buckle helps a cowboy carry the right equipment while also showcasing a sense of style.

At A Cut Above Buckles, we're proud to offer our rodeo belt buckles in wide variety of shapes and styles that allow you to find the best option for your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer simple or ornate designs, silver or gold, we have a buckle for you.

Contact us today to learn about any of our products or how we can help outfit you for your next rodeo.

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