In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how rodeo queens can go about styling themselves for any kind of rodeo event they're taking part in. Rodeo queens serve as ambassadors and representatives of this amazing sport, taking part in everything from parades to promotional activities, and looking the part is a a big piece of playing this role.

At A Cut Above Buckles, we offer a wide range of Western and rodeo items, from belt buckles and accessories to Western jewelry and much more. While part one of our series went over themes like boldness and finding ways to create a unique rodeo queen outfit, today's part two will go over some other general tips for rodeo queens on how to style for any event.

Some Sparkle  - But Not Overdone

When it comes to sparkle for rodeo queens, there's a fine line between just enough and overdone. The key is to choose one or two pieces that really make a statement, rather than layering on too many sparkly items at once.

A rhinestone belt buckle or a pair of blinged-out earrings can add the perfect touch of sparkle without going overboard. In other cases, perhaps you might opt for a more understated look with a simple, yet elegant western jewelry piece.

Comfort is Key

While looking stylish is important, rodeo queens also need to keep in mind the physical demands of the job. Comfortable riding boots, fitted jeans, and a well-fitted cowboy hat are all essential items for any rodeo queen's wardrobe. These pieces not only look great, but also allow for easy movement and flexibility while participating in various events.

Fit should also be a key consideration when choosing outfits. Clothing items that are too tight or restrictive can be uncomfortable and affect performance, while items that are too loose may not provide the necessary support and may look sloppy.

Don't Forget About Hair and Makeup

In addition to the outfit itself, hair and makeup also play a big part in creating the perfect rodeo queen look. Rodeo events can be physically demanding and often take place outside, so hair should be styled in a way that will stay in place and not require constant touch-ups.

Makeup should also be kept simple and natural-looking, while still adding enough color to stand out under the bright lights of the rodeo arena. Remember to choose makeup products specifically designed for long wear and sweat-proof formulas to ensure a flawless look throughout the entire event.

Be Confident and Have Fun

While style is important, it's also crucial for rodeo queens to remember to have fun and be confident in their own skin. The most important element of any outfit is the attitude and confidence of the person wearing it. So, no matter what you're wearing or how your hair and makeup look, always remember to smile and enjoy yourself while representing this amazing sport.

We hope these tips have been helpful and that you feel inspired to create your own unique rodeo queen style with the help of A Cut Above Buckles! Contact us for information on any of our rodeo or Western belt buckles or other products.

While most who think of rodeo naturally default to the various riders and competitors who take part in specific events, but these are far from the only individuals who make the rodeo scene what it is. There are several other major parties that play a key role here, and rodeo queens are a great example.

At A Cut Above Buckles, we're here to offer a huge range of custom belt buckles and other rodeo and western-themed accessories to clients around Utah and Texas, including Western jewelry and much more. In this two-part blog series, we'll look at some general tips for rodeo queens as they look to style and accessorize ideally for their next event.

What Are Rodeo Queens?

For those new to the rodeo scene, it's important to understand just what rodeo queens are and why they're so integral in events. Rodeo queens are individuals, usually female, who serve as ambassadors for the sport of rodeo itself – think of them much like a beauty pageant queen for the activity.

They'll take part in promotional activities like parades and public appearances, all while advertising their chosen event. In many cases, they'll even compete with other rodeo queens in pageants at various events around the country.

Rodeo queens have long been part of the true heart of the activity, and their level of style is often one of the key components. Our next few sections, and on into part two of our series, will go over some simple tips on how to style as a rodeo queen.

Combining Bold Looks With Tasteful Style

Rodeo is all about going big, but that doesn't mean you have to go overboard when it comes to styling. The key is finding the right balance between bold statement pieces – think large, bright jewelry or even custom belt buckles – and keeping things tasteful so that you don't look like you're trying too hard.

Ideally, rodeo queens will plan out their entire look ahead of time, so that they can make sure the pieces all work together. We suggest selecting one statement piece – like a belt buckle or custom jewelry piece – and then focus on accessorizing around it with smaller pieces to help bring the look together.

Be Unique

This may sound obvious, but being a rodeo queen is a great opportunity to stand out and really put your own unique stamp on the activity. There are plenty of ways to do this, from wearing custom-made accessories like belt buckles or even just incorporating your own personal style into your look.

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure it still speaks to what rodeo is all about: good times, friendly people and a whole lot of fun. Show off your personality, and make sure you feel comfortable in whatever outfit you choose before you hit the event – that's the best way to ensure a great time.

In part two of our series, we'll take a look at some additional styling tips for rodeo queens. Until then, make sure you check out A Cut Above Buckles' selection of custom western jewelry and belt buckles – perfect for any rodeo queen! Contact us today.

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