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A Cut Above Buckles was established in 1999 by its president, Andy Andrews, who was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A real cowboy, he was once a member of the PRCA as a bull rider. He has been in the western fashion industry since the early ’80s and has always had an eye for what is in style and for starting new trends.

A devotee of rodeo and authentic craftsmanship, Andrews has dedicated himself to providing championship rodeo belt buckles that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. In fact, Andrews thinks of the custom Western belt buckles his company makes as family heirlooms that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Being a rodeo champion is an honor that all winners are proud of, and to have a rodeo belt buckle that confirms your status makes all the hard work worth it. Whether you are a rodeo champion or your father was or your grandfather was (or your grandmother was), if you have a custom trophy buckle from A Cut Above, you can carry forth the honor by wearing that hard-won belt buckle.

As a custom belt buckle maker, we work hard to create the types of buckles rodeo cowboys and equestrians everywhere love. Our custom belt buckles are favorite prizes at rodeos and other competitions across the country.
We have created several categories of trophy buckles to match the value and prestige associated with the event. Our Signature Collection custom-made belt buckles contain great detail, are the most work to produce and are considered a top-quality award.

Our custom belt buckle makers use a blend of metals to produce buckles that champions everywhere are proud to wear. Our buckles contain a blend of nonprecious and precious metals, which allows us to create quality, long-lasting pieces.

Since 1999, A Cut Above Buckles has been making quality trophy buckles for champions around the world. We cater to large and small associations and everyone in between. Our price points are unbeatable in value. We stand behind our work because our job is not done unless the person wearing our custom buckles is proud to do so.

We are a family-run business, and we understand loyalty and commitment. We work just as hard as the champions who win our custom belt buckles. Whether you are looking for beautiful trophy buckles, spurs, knives, or other awards and accessories, look to us, as we are truly A Cut Above.


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